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Journey Into entrepreneurship series 002

July 18, 2017


Entrepreneur Profile: Joao Brazao of Dahive


Dahive are changing the way that recruitment is carried out. We’ve taken some time to speak with Dahive’s founder, Joao Brazao, to learn about his entrepreneurial journey.


At Minute & Azimut we are inspired by individuals who push themselves, take risks, and ultimately bring something new and exciting to the world. In this second in a series of interviews with young London-based entrepreneurs, we speak with Joao Brazao, the founder of Dahive.



Dahive’s Beginnings


Dahive is Joao’s first venture into entrepreneurship. As Joao explains, “the business itself is a way of changing the way recruitment is done at the moment. I’m creating an online platform with a matching algorithm, so that employers and recruiters can both go into the platform and find internships or people who are actually searching for jobs from a pool of candidates, rather than people sending in applications.”


Joao’s background is in graphic and product design. In the process of opening his own design studio, Joao realised that finding the right person was harder than expected. “I started thinking ‘are there ways to figure out recruiting without spending thousands of pounds, and to quickly and easily find the person I want?’ I couldn’t find many ways of doing that easily, so I decided to create one. That’s where Dahive comes in.”





Joao has had entrepreneurial inclinations for some time. “I’ve always wanted to start my own business, but I never figured out when was the right time.”


His inspiration comes with the potential that Dahive has to support students in the early stages of their careers. “I want to see if students can thrive if they get the opportunity to start off with an internship, or several. That’s the whole thing with Dahive – you can do work experience, you can do several internships, you can do small internships, you can do small jobs, and start building that portfolio and networking as well, so that when you leave university you’re good to go; you know people, you know how to start. So that’s where the idea came from.”


Although Dahive exists in the recruitment space, Joao doesn’t see himself as a recruiter. “Dahive is more of a facilitator, so it’s not like I’m a recruiter.”



Life as an Entrepreneur


Joao is relishing his work with Dahive, but that’s not to say life as an entrepreneur is without its challenges. “It’s the working from home; it’s quite a big challenge and I advise to everyone that’s starting up, just get up, get dressed, and get a little space. Even if you’re working from home, try to go to a coffee shop nearby; try to find one that’s suitable for your needs.


My biggest challenge at the moment is timing and managing time. It becomes hard to get in and hard to let go, so sometimes it’s hard to start the process, and once you start it’s hard to stop, and that’s kind of like time management.”


And Joao’s advice for overcoming this?


“Find a wife like mine! There are lots of ways, free software that you can get, so I would definitely advise people to modernise. Don’t be afraid to be modern when it comes to being savvy in the world of the internet; there are lots of different apps that will help you manage your time and will help you figure out what to do and ease communication. I use Google Docs a lot, and I’ve got an app called Trello where you can manage boards and you can talk to your team, talk to whoever you want, that’s inside that app.


There’s one called Slack as well, which I use a lot to instant message with people. Don’t be afraid of searching for products that are developed for start-ups, and for entrepreneurs. That’s definitely some advice that I can give: go on a platform called Product Hunt, which suggests different products. Just go in there, figure out what’s useful for you, and use it a lot. 


And network, network, and keep on networking. Go to events all the time.”



Entrepreneurial Advice


Joao’s advice for other young entrepreneurs looking to take the leap is simple – go for it. “Don’t wait for the right time; make the right time. If you don’t go forward with your idea you might find that someone else will at some point, so I think that at some point if you’ve got an idea, work on it.


The passion for it will come. I was a designer, and now I’m in recruitment, and now I’m passionate for recruitment as I wasn’t before. The passion will come, but you need to invest in it; you need to make it happen. Because dwelling on a dream is nothing. Get your shoes on and start working.”



Joao wears the Minute & Azimut BISHAM Silver x Calfskin Brown Pattern.


“The whole design of it is really nice, because it looks classy and classic. I love the simplicity of it.”




























































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