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Watch Service & Care

Alligator Hide Care

Alligator hide is one of the most beautiful and luxurious leathers. It is a unique material, and requires special care to keep it in top shape.

Alligator hide is durable. However, without proper care, the flexibility and appearance of alligator hide diminishes drastically. With some specific care, your alligator hide will last for a long time.


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Calfskin Leather Care

Our calfskin watch straps are made from original Tuscan leather from Pisa, produced and finished using a traditional process. The upper leather is tanned using pure vegetable lye and barrel dyed down to the fibre. The characteristic of this technique gives the leather a smooth, warm vegetable smell.

Our Italian calfskin watch strap range is made using the best kept secrets of an age-old Italian craft.

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Watch Service and Care

In the unlikely event of a fault with your timepiece, all watch service and care is conducted by Minute & Azimut's expert team, located in London.

The Minute & Azimut watch service and care procedure is designed to ensure that every timepiece leaving the Minute & Azimut workshop complies with its original functional and aesthetic specifications.

Each movement is scrupulously inspected, and each case and watch strap is examined and restored to its original allure. Timekeeping accuracy and water-resistance are ferociously tested, in order to guarantee the level of quality and reliability expected from a Minute & Azimut watch.

We also offer outside warranty watch service and care, where your watch is re-polished, checked for water proofing, provided with a new battery replacement, and brought back to virtually new working order.

An additional one-year warranty comes as standard on all outside watch service and care work.

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