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Set Designer

Julie Tran

Set designer from Paris. Graduated in 2015 from art school named École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs de Paris (ENSAD)


I was born in Paris (France) but grew up with an Asian culture, that’s why my works always display my bi cultural identity. I found inspirations from my travel around countries like Japan, Taiwan, China …


We can see it in my exhibition “ (S’)Infuser ” (cf: website) about Chinese tea ceremony or in my installation called “ Repeupleur ” (cf: website) that took place in the French National Library (BNF). About this installation, I gave birth to a little population that followed the shape of a Chinese mind game : Tangram. During the event, the visitors’ bodies interacted with the silhouettes which changed this lonely area to a more lively one.


I’m attracted by the sensation to be in another space-time, a feeling well depicted by artists like James Turrell and Olafur Eliasson. The first is known for his space and light installation, the second is known for his sculptures or large-scale installation art employing light, water or air temperature. The light is a medium I'm really interested in because it’s immaterial but we can give it many types of forms and create different kind of atmosphere.


About the material, My favourite one is paper. I have a lot interest in folding art since my young age. My grandmother taught me some folding with an origami book. Creating a volume with just a sheet of paper, I found it fascinating. Always curious, I aim to share this sense of wonder, as set design is about creating dreams with ephemeral quality.


For the Minute Azimut launching event, I choose to use my experience with folding art to design the place. The material's whiteness in the dark wood boardroom give a sharp contrast and make way to the vibrant beginning of the brand.