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The Cultured Gentleman

August 31, 2017

As The Cultured Gentleman I am always on the lookout for items that are produced with dedication, craftsmanship and beauty. As a pianist what I wear around my wrist is of utmost importance. It needs to fit the repertoire that I am performing but it will also need to balance my hands. I have always had a slight obsession for watches. A proper watch completes an outfit and the right choice of watch shows sophistication and attention to detail.

Luke Arthur Well

May 25, 2016

Have we got any watch lovers in the crowd? I've been known to be into a killer timepiece in my, well, time, so I'm having a break from interiors on the blog today for a little style news. 

I've got something to show you that's so new, it's only just in existence! Say hello to the new watch design collection by Minute & Azimut.

I have received it and it's beautiful - Thanks so much. I think the packaging is equally beautiful as well, so I'm really looking forward to sharing the whole brand with my followers.

This cool London-based brand has created a collection that captures the best elements of retro, classic style with a design that's wearable and has a luxe feel - the most important trait of a watch that really finishes off your look. 

Just to let you know my Minute & Azimut watch arrived today - Thank you, it's so luxurious in appearance and the presentation/packaging is perfect!

When it comes to timepieces, attention to detail is the thing that sets those within the 'affordable luxury' bracket apart. I'd suggest this is something Minute & Azimut are acutely aware of, as the intricate detail in the form of markings and branding is brilliant.  I'll leave the detailed markings across the underneath of the watch's face as a surprise for those looking to order one of their own, though I won't be so considerate when it comes to the packaging as it's too stylish not to share!  After opening the slim grey box, you're met with the Bisham watch laid next to a black and gold velvet pouch ready to home the timepiece - that is, when you can bear to take it off... 

Bang On Style

June 15, 2016

It's beautiful! I adore the watch. 


I was lucky enough to be asked to be a Minute & Azimut Ambassador and be one of the first to receive a prototype watch.


Firstly the watch came in the most BEAUTIFUL packaging. Boxed in a pale grey box with gold embossed logo and text, it looked so luxurious and expensive before I had even opened it. Inside was the watch itself presented alongside a velvet pouch to store it in. The watch I had chosen was the classic gold face watch with alligator strap and it is absolutely stunning!!!

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